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Mycelium Technology

We can harness the power of mushroom cells (Mycelium) to transform agriculture waste into brand new material that can replace foam plastic and gives us organic mushrooms

About us

Mycelium is a biotechnological startup , we use the mushroom cells known as mycelium to convert plant waste such as rice straw and wheat straw into a completely new material that is strong, light, resistant to moisture and fire and has unlimited applications

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"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better."

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our Team

ـــــ THE HEROES ـــــ

Mohammed Fawzy

Mohammed Fwazy

CEO Co-Founder

Microbiology Specialist 

Mohamoud Fwazy


Production Engineer

Omar Fathy

Omar Fathy


Business Developing

Mohammed Elkholy

Mohammed Elkholy


Marketing Developing

Ahmed Shawky

Ahmed Shawky


Graphic Designer

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